Web Development

UNK Home Page

My colleague Cy Cannon and I were tasked with redesigning the UNK home page. A mix of our designs were chosen, and the end result is what is currently live. I did a majority of the base coding on this page.

The Antelope

In September 2018, a professor approached me and another student about redesigning the student newspaper website. Since then, the website and social media is regularly updated, and has resulted in more traffic.

Bev Dailey Realty

I was contacted by Bev Dailey Realty to help redesign their website. I cleaned up and reorganized some of their pages, and taught them how to maintain and post on the website.

Elks Country Golf

The owner of Elks Country Golf contacted me about redesigning their website. They also wanted to have e-commerce. I redesigned and implemented a way for customers to pay online.

HTML Emails

I have made several HTML emails for UNK marketing purposes. These projects have taught me how to properly use and style tables and other HTML elements.